How To Improve Productivity By Taking A Hike

From Engineering to Mountaineering – Teambuilding done right


We all know that fresh air and outdoor activity is great for both your body and brain, but we rarely manage to find the time for things like these because, unfortunately, we prioritize our task inefficiently. Studies say that outdoor exercise can improve memory, reduce stress & inflammation, improve blood pressure while protecting your vision and maintaining a state of well-being in general.

Luckily, some of our colleague managed to break this habit of ours and went out for a spectacular hike proving that you can actually improve your productivity by taking a well deserved break.

We asked Lucian about their fun trip to Tarcu Mountains and he told us that this trip has been a pending plan for a few years, but then in a spontaneous moment it became a ready made deal. They’ve spent about 9 to 10 hours hiking towards the top and then back down to the lodge while enjoying the show that autumn put out there right on the mountains. The scenery has plenty to offer right now and it was just the perfect timing to admire mother nature at it’s best.


Lucian says: “It’s a great way to bond with each other and learn things that we might have never known about our colleagues in a different context. We enjoy spending time with our peers and their friends and family, but moreover, we manage to build a stronger team by taking time off together, which I feel is very important.”

This might just be a lesson we could all learn from. If you want to work more effectively, take time for yourself, enjoy nature and try to see your colleagues in other environments instead of just the office building you work in because you would never know where a strong friendship might start.

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