The profile of a modern software developer

Many people consider them geeks or nerds because they are always in front of a computer writing code and speaking in terms that for the rest of us seem like science-fiction. But leaving the stereotypes behind, what is the real profile of a modern software developer?

To find out the real answer to this question, we visit the PHP department in our company to discuss the stereotypes behind the developer’s culture.

When you look at our software developers you will see young smart people, with strong personalities and characters, that possess a vast set of skills. Contrary to popular belief, they are generally social, have lots of hobbies and are up to date with the latest technologies and trends.

If you want to find out the best app available on the market or how you can improve your home with alternative power, they are the people you need to talk to. But the range of topics you can cover with the people that form our teams vary from science to cars, from DIY projects to the popular pets or even renewable energy and – believe it or not – fashion.

But don’t get fooled by their knowledge about most of the technological aspects because they also know how to have a great time. After developing for hours in a row, they usually take a break and have a match of foosball, ping-pong or even make puzzles. In our monthly “Game Night” events they are the ones that get the party started.

With more than 80 developers that are currently working at Infobest, we have a large range of people, from young students to senior developers with more than 15 years of experience. Even with this difference in age and experience, all our developers have one thing in common: the love for their job.

From our point of view, our software developers are artists that create modern masterpieces with the help of ones and zeros.

Here, at Infobest, our developers are more modern-chic than geek.

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