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Top NoSQL Database Engines

Summary 0. Time needed to finish reading: 2-3 minutes 1. A quick introduction 2. Why noSQL? 3. List of top NoSQL Database Engines 4. Conclusions #1. A quick introduction The overwhelming majority of projects, be it web or mobile projects, will require the use of a database technology. Choosing the right database technology is not an […]

The Status of JavaScript Frameworks in 2018

Summary 0. Time needed to finish reading: 2-4 minutes 1. Introduction 2. JavaScript frameworks at the mid of 2018 3. Frameworks & Libraries you could check out 4. Conclusion #1. Introduction As you probably noticed, we recently touched more topics with the focus on web (WordPress tutorials, discussions about data extraction tools, PHP frameworks etc). […]

An Update on Top PHP Frameworks in 2018

While the subject of PHP Frameworks was already approached on our blog in 2016, in the software development world things move a tad faster than in other industries, so we thought an update on the topic might be interesting. PHP is still the most popular server-side programming language for websites, with big names like Wikipedia.org, […]