StylishCircle Launched

StylishCircle, the fashion discovery website and community is launching today. And not just launching, but launching with a sweepstake that features tons of fashion gift cards.

StylishCircle members can discover great fashion products and brands, create trends, earn points, win gift cards, promote themselves, their blog, and the products they love.

The collage feature is very friendly and easy to use being the best alternative for creating outfits with your favorite products. Now you won’t buy any more random products that you can’t match to your existing wardrobe. At the same time, by publishing your collages and stylesnaps, you can inspire other community members, or even your friends if you share your work on social media platforms. This could get you right at the top of the leaderboard with more points earned. These points could be used for redeeming gift vouchers that would help you buy your favorite designer products from your wishlist.

We want to bring forward the diversity that can be found in each of us when it comes to fashion and style. Everyone is different and our taste in fashion and style is different.

‘We should all embrace our unique personality and our way of being creative. This is what StylishCircle is all about – personal style, creativity and fashion’ – says Maria Milea, Marketing Manager at StylishCircle.

StylishCircle is live now!

Take part in our fashionable sweepstake where you can win $1500 worth of fashion gift cards. It’s easy and fun, just join!

More details on the official website


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