Develop automated test cases for the validation of Java applications: test scenario definition, test development and execution, result interpretation, bug reporting, test suite integration into the current test environment.

Research test tools and devise solutions to validate and measure application’s performance in concurrent scenarios. Improve quality assurance by integrating the application with a CI tool (e.g. Jenkins) and enhance reporting of relevant quality metrics.

Write documentation to depict the usage of tools, APIs and methodology used


  • Experience gained in automated test development
  • Experience gained with JUnit
  • Get acquainted with additional development tools (e.g. source-versioning, profilers, CI)
  • Get a grip on design patterns and other best practices


  • Good understanding of OOP
  • Good Java programming skills
  • JUnit and Eclipse RCP are a plus

Selection process:

  • Send an as complete as possible CV, outlining any experience close to the requirements list. A letter of intent might be a plus
  • 30 minutes technical interview focused on the requirements above


This project must be prefaced with a period of getting to know the application, learning JUnit thus it is not suitable for a 3 weeks practice period. The duration can be anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks, at a minimum of 4 hours daily.

If you're passionate about your work and you think the position described above suits you, don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd really like to meet you! The coffee is on us.

Team Coordinator

”I was a noob when I began working for Infobest and they help me a lot in becoming a good and happy tester. Shortly: Great place to work. Nice and friendly colleagues. Interesting projects. I also like the openness of the management team towards the employees.”

Alina Ciubotariu