Are You an E-Commerce Site Owner? Here are 3 Simple Marketing Tips & Ideas

0. Time needed to finish reading: 4-7 minutes 1. Take care of the site / application performance 2. Make sure your site is the main content distribution point 3. Assure flexibility of payments 4. Conclusions For some, having had the possibility of creating an online shop meant starting the entrepreneurial life – with the good and […]

Data Extraction Tools (And How to Use Them)

SUMMARY 0. Time needed to finish reading: 4-7 minutes 1. How can you use data extraction tools? 2. Few data extractions tools 3. Data Scraping tutorial with WebScraper – Quick Guide on how to collect relevant data 4. How to use extracted data for sales process optimization 5. Conclusions #1. How can you use data extraction tools? If […]

Create Better Themes using WordPress Theme Customizer

Summary 0. Time needed to finish reading: 5-8 minutes 1. Introduction: About WordPress & WordPress Theme Customizer 2. Advantages of Using the Customizer 3. Starter Themes for Easy Development   — 3.1. Sections, Settings & Controls   — 3.2. Grouping Multiple Sections under Panels 4. Using Kirki for Faster Development 5. Methodology: Organize your Controls […]

3 Tips for Developing a Mobile App that Users will Love

The World is Going Mobile. Are you moving or standing? It’s not exactly a news flash that mobile app technology is redefining the world of business. We’re living in a brand new world where mobile technology is not a nice-to have option for businesses anymore, is mandatory. According to Global Web Index 80% of internet users own a smartphone […]

Infobest will attend the annual Team Outdoor Race

Another year, another race. This weekend Infobest will attend the annual Team’s Outdoor Race, which was set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Romanian Mountains. This year the competition will take place in Ardeului Valley, in the Metaliferi Mountains. Ardeului Valley is the main artery of the Apuseni Mountains heart, the most beautiful and breathtaking […]

How we help our employees to achieve work-life balance

Balancing work and personal life is one of the greatest challenges that today’s employees are facing. Longer work hours and more chaotic work schedules, but also the increasing prevalence of two-career families and the demands of constant accessibility and global collaboration, have all created a recipe for strains in this area. Luckily, there are companies that […]