How To Improve Productivity By Taking A Hike

From Engineering to Mountaineering – Teambuilding done right   We all know that fresh air and outdoor activity is great for both your body and brain, but we rarely manage to find the time for things like these because, unfortunately, we prioritize our task inefficiently. Studies say that outdoor exercise can improve memory, reduce stress […]

Top NoSQL Database Engines

Summary 0. Time needed to finish reading: 2-3 minutes 1. A quick introduction 2. Why noSQL? 3. List of top NoSQL Database Engines 4. Conclusions #1. A quick introduction The overwhelming majority of projects, be it web or mobile projects, will require the use of a database technology. Choosing the right database technology is not an […]

5 JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile App Development

Summary 0. Time needed to finish reading: 2-3 minutes 1. Introduction 2. List of JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile App Development 3. Are there other frameworks worth checking out? 4. Conclusions #1. Introduction Depending on the type of a mobile application (or more accurately, depending on the operating system it will be installed on), as a developer […]

The Status of JavaScript Frameworks in 2018

Summary 0. Time needed to finish reading: 2-4 minutes 1. Introduction 2. JavaScript frameworks at the mid of 2018 3. Frameworks & Libraries you could check out 4. Conclusion #1. Introduction As you probably noticed, we recently touched more topics with the focus on web (WordPress tutorials, discussions about data extraction tools, PHP frameworks etc). […]

How To Make Your WordPress Site GDPR Compliant

0. Introduction 1. How WordPress Is Handling the Implementation of the GDPR 2. What do I need to do next? 3. WordPress GDPR Compliance Plugins 3.1. Install WP GDPR Compliance 3.2. Install Cookie Notice 4. Privacy Policy and Cookies pages 4.1. Privacy Policy and Cookies pages templates & generators in English 4.2. Privacy Policy and […]

An Update on Top PHP Frameworks in 2018

While the subject of PHP Frameworks was already approached on our blog in 2016, in the software development world things move a tad faster than in other industries, so we thought an update on the topic might be interesting. PHP is still the most popular server-side programming language for websites, with big names like, […]