Timisoara: A great outsourcing destination

Located in the west region of Romania, Timisoara has become a preferred outsourcing destination for the software development companies, in the last year.

According to Colliers International, Romania is currently hosting over 100.000 of the total number of 600.000 employees in the industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

When it comes to the number of certified IT specialists, Romania is the number one country in Europe and the 6th worldwide. As far as the top outsourcing destinations, Romania comes 3rd in Europe and 13th worldwide.

Official data show that more than 60.000 people are currently working in the outsourcing sector and due to an increase in demand, the number of specialists is expected to have a 15-20% increase in the next year.

According to Business Review (BR), the main IT Hubs in Romania are located in the country capital Bucharest, but also in Timisoara and Cluj. Also, in the last year, cities like Brasov, Iasi or Craiova have registered a growth in this sector thanks to some of the IT companies that have opened offices throughout the country.

While Bucharest had long been perceived as the best choice for IT companies, this is no longer the case. In the last years, Timisoara has become a great outsourcing destination and it’s competing with big cities from all over the world  in terms of IT specialist, quality, and price.

Why choose Timisoara?

Timisoara is a multi-cultural city that has always been pro-western Europe and a trendsetter for the rest of the country. With a large history in this industry, Timisoara was the first city that made the MECIPT- the first Romanian alphanumeric computer.

In terms of economic growth, Timisoara has the GDP per capita above the national average every year, usually second, just after the Bucharest – Ilfov area.

For this year, according to data from the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture Timisoara (CCIAT), experts estimate a GDP growth in the West Region of 5.4 per cent compared to 2015, and forecast major economic achievements in key business branches of the regional economy, such as manufacturing, IT, construction, retail, services and agriculture.

There are other countless reasons to choose Timisoara as your top outsourcing destination:

  • Timisoara is one of the most important academic centers in Romania, rich in top level technical universities and colleges
  • Timisoara is a flourishing technology hub
  • The convenient air travel to and from many major European destinations. Timisoara is closer to Western Europe and North America in distance, time zone and culture
  • Strong technical expertise of the IT specialists, coupled with skills in communication, foreign languages, and project management
  • Tradition in the IT field and automotive
  • Software outsourcing companies with more than 16 years of experience in the field

Of the large pool of developers covering the full stack of software industry in Timisoara, 98% speak English and many are also fluent in German, French, Spanish and Hungarian.

Timisoara remains a very attractive pole of investment especially for the service sector, with a significant development that is represented by the IT sector.  This sector is currently going through a boom, considering the high-level qualifications of the local IT specialists, and the focus on technology and innovation of companies nowadays.


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