The next generation at work: Students

University students continue to be a significant source of hiring for software developing companies. In the last years many studies have shown that cooperative students appear to have more realistic expectations, report higher self‐confidence and have better self‐insights into their own abilities and desires. Also they have great energy and are more eager and motivated to learn new things.

The perfect workplace for students

The world is changing and the new generation brings another vision when it comes to the perfect job and workplace. When students search for their first job, they’re looking for positions that match their interests and skills.

In order to hire the best skilled students, companies must keep in mind that the millennial generation puts a great price on the flexible hours, fun at work and free expression.

Infobest – the best company for students

Here, at Infobest Romania, we put great value on our new generation of software developers. For the moment we have a team of 10 students, in different departments. We provide each new student employee with a mentor to help them transition into their new position.

What the new generation expects from a job and workplace? I pulled Mihaela, one of our Junior Programmer at Infobest, out of her office to find out the demands and expectation of the new generation.

From your point of view what are students really looking for in their first job?

I think that my generation puts a great price on the flexibility of the work hours, developing their skills and work for a company where they have a chance to grow. For me, as a student, the flexible hours are very important because I mainly plan my schedule around my school.

Another important aspect in choosing the right workplace is the work environment.

Why Infobest?

One of the reasons why I chose Infobest is that it offers a great opportunity for me as a student, not only the benefits of flexible work hours, but also learning new technologies and improving my skills. Here I learn much more than in a classroom.

I receive projects that are best suited for my strengths and talents and I think that I can accomplish more by working on things that I enjoy.

At Infobest the team leaders always take into account the strengths, preferences and passion of each member of the team before sharing a project.

After almost 4 months at Infobest, I can clearly say that applying for this job was the wisest decision I ever made. I wanted to grow as a person and as a soon-to-be developer and this is the right place to do that. I work with great people that are more willing to support and explain all the situations you may encounter.  Learning new things, practicing what you already know from school, surrounding yourself with joyful people is exactly what a student needs.

Currently, Mihaela is studying at the West University of Timisoara, majoring in Computer Science.


Are you a student? What do you expect from a workplace?


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