Web application for e-learning

This application helps large corporations with distributing trainings amongst large user groups, in an automated way.
Typical examples are work-security trainings in the area of fire prevention, employee protection in factory environments or usage of dangerous chemicals.
Such trainings need to be held regularly for hundreds or even thousands of employees, within a rather short timeframe, often regulated by legal requirements.

Such automated trainings and self-trainings impose great challenges on software usability, system auditability or administration of complex organizational structures and setups, which all have to be dealt with, in the implementation of the software.

Technologies used:
Ajax, JSON
UI-Widgets for RIA with JavaScript-Frameworks – Qoxdoo, DHTMLX, Java-Servlets and Services
Spring Framework (beans, transactions, protocols, logging, AOP, IOC)
PHP with Sajax

12 months with 6 developers plus QA