The power of learning new skills

One of the best things about life is that we never stop learning. There are always new skills to learn and techniques for us to adopt.

It’s a well-known fact that the only way for organizations to ensure their workforces are fully productive and able to achieve business goals is to make sure employees are continuously learning so that they are driving the business forward.

Here at Infobest, we know the importance of developing new sets of skills. That is why we create a program that helps our people to increase their value by learning new technologies, tools and even expanding their knowledge in other fields.

Whether it’s Photoshop, new programming languages, or testing, we know there’s a skill out there that would boost our energy and work productivity.

“We all want to be better at something. After all, self-improvement is necessary to getting ahead at work. That is why investing in our own employees is a must here at Infobest. All employees are encouraged to spend work hours to learn new skills, as we believe that an employee’s skill growth directly impacts our success.” –says Ioana Baciu Marketing Manager at Infobest

Besides the learning part of this program, our employees get to chance to mingle and get the programming or designing job experience for a few days. In a rather large company such as Infobest, with different departments and projects, this program offers a good way to get to know your colleagues and understand their work better.

Not all skills can be learned in just a few days, of course, but it’s important to have a specialist who will guide and help you along the way. It’s much more easy to learn a new tool if you have a well-intended colleague beside you. The familiar face, the easiness of words and the inside jokes will encourage you to keep learning and develop your skills and boost your career opportunities.




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