How we help our employees to achieve work-life balance

Balancing work and personal life is one of the greatest challenges that today’s employees are facing. Longer work hours and more chaotic work schedules, but also the increasing prevalence of two-career families and the demands of constant accessibility and global collaboration, have all created a recipe for strains in this area.

Luckily, there are companies that understand the importance of a good work-life balance.

Infobest is one of the companies that puts a lot of effort on ensuring that our employees have a work-life balance. Here are some of the benefits that help our employees stay productive while also allowing them to enjoy their free time and attend to their personal needs.


1. We have a flexible work schedule

Maybe one of the most important benefits that help our people to maintain a balance between the personal and professional life is our flexible work schedule. At Infobest, our teams can determine for themselves when they are going to be most productive and they can set their own personal schedule. For us, flexibility is not a one-size-fits-all approach

2. Restricting hours worked

For us, it is important that our people can separate their work hours from their personal time. That means that we don’t expect our employees to work after they leave their workplace. Also, we try not to encourage over-time hours at the office. There are some small exceptions e.g. when a project needs to be released or when there are special solicitations from new clients, but we always try to maintain the average number of work hours per week.

3.Focusing on outcomes, not hours worked

We are focused on high productivity rather than the number of hours that our people work per day. High productivity doesn’t necessarily come in 8-hour segments. Productive employees may get their work done efficiently and spend the rest of the time learning new skills or playing a game of ping-pong in our games room.

4. Promoting breaks

It’s a well-known fact that we humans can’t be 100% efficient during 8 hours. That is why taking some time off the computer can work miracles in one’s productivity. Infobest’s 2 games rooms are where our employees can take a short break to relax and socialize while playing a table football or Darts match.

5. Sponsor team activities for employees

From our monthly Games Night and Fruit Day events to our annual TOR and Timotion races, we try to keep our people engaged in different activities. From teams mountain races to community service and IT competitions like HackTM, we are always there for our people.

Here at Infobest, we are constantly working on new benefits and ways that will help our people feel more productive, valued and accomplished.

How important is for you to have a good work-life balance?

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