Agile team

The roles of an Agile Team

The Agile movement represents a major turning point in the way software development is performed nowadays. Captured in part by the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, published in 2001, the movement is based on twelve principles: Customer satisfaction by early and continuous delivery of valuable software Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months) … Continued

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software development team

The ideal Software Development Team

Due to growth in competition and the present economic climate, the role of the software development team has become critically important. In this competitive business environment, the quality of such a team impacts not only the projects’ failure rate but also the business failure rate. Having this in mind, what makes an effective software development … Continued

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16 years on Infobest

16 Year of Infobest in Romania

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Today we celebrate the 16th anniversary of our company and we must take a moment to do it properly: with lots of sweets, laughter, and cheerfulness. It is truly amazing that 16 years have passed since Christian and Yvonne Becker founded Infobest’s own development center in Romania. At the beginning, in … Continued

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outsourcing destination

Timisoara: A great outsourcing destination

Located in the west region of Romania, Timisoara has become a preferred outsourcing destination for the software development companies, in the last year. According to Colliers International, Romania is currently hosting over 100.000 of the total number of 600.000 employees in the industry in Central and Eastern Europe. When it comes to the number of … Continued

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Infobest Apps World

Infobest at Apps World Event, in London

Last week we went to London for the biggest mobile event in the UK, the Apps World. In the last 8 years, this event has brought together developers, leading brands, start-ups and investors to meet, partner, and party with the entire global app community. Thousands of mobile professionals have gathered in London to honor the … Continued

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Infobest has launched the Romanian version of StylishCircle with a great event

Infobest is delighted to announce that the Romanian version of the fashion portal StylishCircle has been officially launched this weekend. Over 40 bloggers and trendsetters from across Romania have participated in this stylish event which kept the social media channels buzzing with pictures and live videos. After the rush of the last days, we can … Continued

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Infobest is launching the Romanian version of StylishCircle

This weekend Infobest is launching the Romanian version of StylishCircle -the fashion portal, with a great event. After the great success on international markets, StylishCircle, the most fashionable community, has a new brother – The Romanian version, as well as with the English and German ones offers users and members the possibility to discover … Continued

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Java tool battle

The ultimate Java tool battle: Maven vs. Gradle

There are some battles that never end. When it comes to the java development build tools for a project, Maven vs Gradle is one such battle. The web is full of fierce defense and counter attacks with developers preferring either Maven or Gradle. It’s always a puzzle which Java tool to choose. Nowadays projects involve … Continued

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best java development tools

Top 5 Best Java development tools

In order to be a good java developer, you need the right tools. Fortunately, there are plenty of Java development tools available on the web that can make great Java code writing significantly simpler. Improve the efficiency of your Java development process, product design and Java applications with the help of these 5 java development … Continued

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mobile app development

How To Choose a Mobile App Development Company

Choosing the right mobile app development company can be insanely tricky. Deciding who to partner up with for your mobile app design and development is no easy decision. If you have a basic understanding of how mobile app development works, with a bit of savvy knowledge, you can pick out the top app development companies … Continued

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