Infobest – 15 Years in Romania

Infobest is excited to have reached its 15th anniversary, in Romania. Over the years we have built amazing relationships not only with each other but with our clients and partners as well. Also, we are happy to say that we have had the opportunity to work on many amazing projects. In celebration of this significant … Continued

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Infobest Romania

15 Years of Infobest in Romania

Happy Birthday! We have just turned 15 years old, in Romania. We are happy to say that you have read that correctly. Let’s just think about that for a second. That is almost two decades of development and an unbelievable amount of coffee and tea. Even if the world that we live in and the … Continued

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HackTm 2015

HackTm is an event that makes our city proud and that keeps on growing. It is organized by a wide group of the tech community representatives and reunited by Banat IT, ARIES TM and Startup Hub. HackTm is the biggest software and hardware hackathon held so far, in Timisoara and Western Romania. Its aim is … Continued

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software testing career

Software Testing Career Path

Probably, a lot of people that are thinking of a career in software testing, are also thinking about this: Where could the software testing career path take me? First, the software testing career path has evolved from what it used to be. Software testing is no longer a monotonous job, and it now offers much … Continued

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software product manager

7 Books That Can Help Any Software Product Manager

First off, allow us to say that we love books, here at Infobest. And we believe that it is never too late to make professional development part of your everyday life. Today, we have selected 7 books, that we believe should be present in any Software Product Manager’s library (or virtual library). In these books … Continued

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outsourcing partner

11 Simple Tips on Selecting the Right Outsourcing Partner

When selecting a company, or a freelancer to outsource your software development project with, there are some elements you should take into account. Sometimes, the initial conversations between you and your outsourcing partner can be a strong indicator if you will work well together. But it’s not always that simple, right? Here are 11 tips … Continued

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