5 Skills That Will Boost Your .NET Development Career

It has been almost 15 years since .NET was first launched by Microsoft and since then, we have enjoyed its benefits for different Web application and Desktop application development.
With its wide array of capabilities and tools, large feature set and frequent updates, it’s difficult for .NET developers to know which .NET development skills to pursue in order to increase their set of skills and earning potential.

If you want to expand your set of skills in order to command a great salary, you may need to fine-tune some of your technical abilities.

1. Master ASP.NET MVC

Having in mind that ASP.NET MVC is becoming an industry standard throughout .NET development, you need to learn and be proficient with this framework.
With the help of ASP.NET MVC you can create beautifully styled web applications with ease, and take advantage of the latest client-side web development technologies.
Given that web development is the way forward in programming, this is one skill you definitely need.

2. Get Your Certifications

There is a large variety of certification paths open to a .NET developer and most of them are through Microsoft. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification can be quite useful for your career. A developer with an MCSD certification is going to be up to date and meet minimum levels of competency in .NET development skills.
Earning an MCSA isn’t easy, but there are a wide variety of books or training resources to help you do your best on the exams.

3. Brush Up On Your SQL Skills

Whether you’re focused on Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL, you need to be able to both architects and maintain a database as a developer. It’s not a surprise that the technological world is dominated by data and the better your SQL skills are, the more likely you can land a job.

4. Understanding of client-side technologies

A good and dedicated.NET developer has skills of creating creative, interactive and catchy web applications. In order to achieve that, you must have an understanding of client-side technologies like CSS, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript and Bootstrap.

5. Microsoft MVP 

You can also consider acquiring a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, one of the most valued certification in the market. Though this certification has no specific standards, it recognizes that you are extremely experienced with.NET development.

By boosting the above skills, you can be able to further expand your abilities and knowledge and earn valuable certification.
If you’re currently looking for a position in.NET development or looking to expand your horizons into other programming specializations, you can review the current open positions in our company.

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