IT student

What does a Company Expect from an IT Student?

“A degree is no longer a meal ticket to your future, but merely a license to hunt” Linsey Perry, Railtrack   More and more companies have internship programs for students and have started to become open to the idea of hiring grads for entry-level job openings. The expectations are pretty clear for both sides. Employers … Continued

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Internship: The Gate to Success

In this tough economy, landing a good job is no easy feat especially if you are a student or recent graduate. One of the proven ways to gain relevant knowledge, skills and experience, while establishing important connections in the field is doing an internship program. More and more students have. “The expert in anything was … Continued

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The next generation at work: Students

University students continue to be a significant source of hiring for software developing companies. In the last years many studies have shown that cooperative students appear to have more realistic expectations, report higher self‐confidence and have better self‐insights into their own abilities and desires. Also they have great energy and are more eager and motivated … Continued

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